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Schinoussa villages

Schinousa consists of three settlements Hora (Chora), Mesaria, and Mersini.

Chora (Hora)

Cora or Schinousa is the largest of the settlements of the island and is found at a distance of some 1200m from the harbour. It is built on the highest peak of the island, yet cannot be seen from the sea. Because Schinousa was oftentimes a target for pirate raids, the inhabitants built Chora on a spot where they could have a clear view of the sea so they may see all approaching ships and take measures to protect themselves.

Cobblestone courtyards filled with potted plants, basil, geraniums and whitewashed houses with blue window shutters and doors is the picture that comes to mind when you hear of talk about Schinousa. Here you can allow yourself to succumb to the magic of the panoramic view of the surrounding islands, relax at the picturesque "kafenio" and wander about the narrow alleys admiring the peculiar to the Cyclades architecture of houses and the village.


To the north at a very short distance (2,7km) from Chora you will happen upon the picturesque settlement of Mesaria. The village is surrounded by vines and orchards. Schinousa produces excellent quality fruit and wine. If you are there in August you can even take part in the picking.


Mersini is the harbour of the island and on the route from Chora to Mesrini you will meet the "Pirate's cave" which is to be found near the beach. There are a few houses there and two restaurants but most of the populace stay in Chora.