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Schinoussa activities

Schinousa is the ideal place for trekking due to the gentle landscape and short distances. The island is included in the Natura 2000 network, the pan European nature preserve. The various trekking routes (some of which are mentioned in detail in the section "Trekking and Sightseeing") of the island reveal a wealth of sights and smells of the very interesting flora of the island. A walk amongst the vines and orchards of the island is an experience that enriches the senses as well.

The seas of Schinousa offer themselves to those who love water sports and fishing. Most of the beaches have an exceptionally wealthy seabed and is a veritable paradise for the snorkeling spear fishermen. Schinousa is also ideal for yachting and as well as windsurfing due to the north winds that blow at most beaches.

If you are into spear-fishing then you must visit the beaches of Kambos, Fikio, Gerolimnionas, and Sfinaiko, as well as the Avlaki tou Papa, where the wealth of the seabed lends itself not only to spear-fishing but also to undersea snorkeling exploration.

At the two continuous beaches of Almyros the northeasterly winds provide waves good for windsurfing.

The nearby islands of Argilos, Ofidousa, and Klidoura which have been declared areas of great natural beauty are ideal for those that enjoy diving.

Finally, you can also hire a captained boat for small escapes to beaches and nearby islands.