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Schinoussa Trekking and Sightseeing

Schinousa is a tranquil little island with no wild clubbing scene and crazy early hours. Schinousa instead offers romantic evenings with a full moon, magic sunsets and contact with warm hospitable people with whom you can drink "rakomelo" and dance with at the many events they organise.

Most activity is cantered at Chora. Here you will find a few nice café and bars where you can enjoy the view with slow, lazy conversation. At some of these you can enjoy traditional Cycladic music. This is where you will find the most tavernas of the island with Schinousian tastes and fresh fish always.

There are many festivals on the island where you can enjoy the Schinousian "glendi" and most take place to honour the Virgin Mary who is the islands protectress.

  1. On the 25th of March they celebrate the Evangelism of the Virgin Mother at Mesaria with meals prepared by the women of Mesaria.
  2. On the Saturday of the "Akathistos Hymnos" there is a festival in honour of the virgin of Akathis again with the offering of food and "glendi" (celebration) with traditional musical organs.
  3. Three more festivals take place at Mesaria on the dates of "Eyangelismo", "Tin Kimisi" and at the "Esodia of Theotokou". The most celebrated is the festival of "Kimiseos" (Tin Kimisi) in the second half of August which lasts two days. The locals cook and offer food in the church courtyard for all present, while traditional musicians play for dancing to follow. Visitors from Amorgos, Heraclea, and Koufonisia inundate the island.
  4. One of the major festivals of the island is held at the tiny chapel of Faros on the 6th of December in honour of St. Nicholas. The locals offer cod fish with "Skordalia" (garlic dip) to visitors while the transportation of people is handled by boats from Mersini.
There are also many nice events held by the local "Schinousiotes" club from the 12th to the 14th of August with traditional dances by the clubs dance troupe dancing to music by the traditional musicians. During this event there is also a photograph display.