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Schinoussa is a tiny island lost among the Cyclades, a haven for your not so run-of-the-mill uncompromising travelers who seek contact with nature and themselves. Characterized by an uncluttered landscape of plain beauty where stone and sea blue dominate. Fifteen unique beaches with crystalline waters, rounded hills and a mild summer climate even in winter compose the inimitable picture of the island.

Schinoussa is south of Naxos and north east of Heraclea with a landmass of just 8,5 square kilometers with warm hospitable people - just like all places that tourism and development haven't tarnished – who live by fishing, farming and animal husbandry. It is one of the six most important islands of the eastern Cyclades (the others are Donousa, Ano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi, Keros and Heraklia).

Its harbour, which is one of three settlements on the island, beautiful Mersini was once an old pirate hideout. Today –and not unexpectedly- the sheltered, windless harbour is considered one of the best havens for anchoring smaller boats in the Aegean Sea. The other two settlements are Schinoussa or Chora (Hora) and Messaria.

During the summer months connections to Piraeus are on a daily basis, while despite its minute tourist development it offers very good accommodations and dining choices that will satisfy even the most "difficult" visitors to the island. There are many villas spread over the island.

The "Doric" beauty of the Cycladic landscape, where the marvelous beaches impress their prevailing serenity, the small quaint neighborhoods, the very good infrastructure for the islands visitors and the guileless hospitality of the locals, are the reasons that make the island a steady destination choice for those that dream of a unique escape away from civilization. And when we say away from civilization we mean it in every sense of the word, since Schinoussa has no banks, or fuel stations or busses or even taxis. So make sure you come to the island with your own vehicle although distances are small and most prefer walking. Whoever has a dirt bike will find it very useful since most beaches are accessible by dirt road.

Don't omit celebrating with the locals in the local festivals of the island. It will be an unforgettable experience with Cycladic musical instruments and singers, good food and plenty of island "glendi" (fun).

Finally you can take a boat ride to Koufonisia which is only half an hour away from Schinoussa or to Heralkia, which you can reach by a leisurely swim, since it only takes 10 minutes.