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Schinoussa beaches

Despite the small size of Schinousa it is strewn with beaches that are quite different from one another, large or small, crowded or secluded, all are wonderful with their Aegean blue sea and golden sands. In addition to the beaches there are many hidden coves with secluded beaches around the island that you can discover yourself if you like adventure.


Is about 1,5km from Chora and like most of the beaches of Schinousa it has a sandy beach with trees and a great sea bed. It is picturesque, beautiful and has very clear waters but is hard to get to (about 15min by foot along a dirt road.).


The beach of Almyros is after Fountana and at a distance of about 2km from Chora. It is quite large and it is separated in two by a rocky outcrop in the middle. It is a very good choice for families with small children because of the shallow waters. At Almyros you will also see windsurfers due to the north eastern winds. Sand and trees compose the picture of the landscape. There is a small beach bar with snacks.

Avlaki tou Papa

A small beach only 15 meters long at a distance of only 3km from Chora which is approached first by dirt road and then by trail. This is a good sea bed for snorkeling spear fishermen.

Agios Vasilios

This is a privately owned peninsula where the approach is forbidden. It is perhaps the very best beach on the island. The owners have been accused of illicit trade in antiquities and there is a court case pending. It can be approached only by boat and it is really worth the effort.


This is the next beach after Lioliou, they are separated by a small rocky outcrop. The beach is a mixture of sand a pebbles, it is a little deep and the waters have a exciting colors. It has no trees but aromatic "Schina" (lentisc - eng.) grows right next to the water and betrays the origins of the islands name Schinousa. There is a natural cave at this little beach.


This is a sandy, secluded beach that can be approached only by sea and is an ideal spot for escape and seclusion.


Jagged rocks, sand, trees and clear turquoise waters compose the picture of this minute beach which is only 30 meters long. The distance from Chora is 3km and it is ideal for snorkeling spear fishermen.


This is a small sandy beach, especially for those that seek peace and quiet; there is a small castle of unknown historical identity.


This is a little cove with clear blue waters which is a continuation of the Aligaria beach with small caves which is also only approachable by foot (about 20 min.).


Also a minute beach of only 15 meters with a rocky beachfront and no trees but has turquoise waters and a great seabed which makes it ideal for snorkeling spear fishermen. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island but a little difficult to approach because you have to walk along a dirt road and then a narrow trail to get there. It is 3km from Chora and the route is very scenic.


The third in-a-row cove following Aligaria and Gagavi and is about 40 meters long whose access is also by foot (about 25min.) it has a sandy beach surrounded by rocks with a good sea bed.


This is a beach with shallow waters ideal for families with small children. It is a small but wide beach surrounded by rocks and many trees wich offer shade to bathers.


This beach is only 850m from Chora and about a 10min walk. It is quite long (230m), with deep blue waters and a golden, sandy beach. The tall, dense trees offer incredible shade. At Livadi one will find rooms for rent and good food.

Mersini (Piso Amos)

This is a picturesque little waterfront at the back end of the harbour with a length of about 60 meters. Well protected from the winds with a few trees, a beautiful beach with crystal clear, turquoise waters which is not too quiet since it is the harbour beach.

Psili Amos

Psili Amos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Schinousa. Its wonderful fine sand covers the whole beach and even the surrounding hillocks; along with its crystalline waters these compose a magical picture. Its only minus is that it is exposed to the north winds.


This is a deserted cove with no beach sand at a distance of 2,2km from Chora. It is an old pirate hideout and nowadays a favorite spot to drop anchor. At the start of the journey there is an asphalt road followed by a dirt road and then a trail which gets progressively tougher to the end. This is a good route for those that love a walk.


Is the most popular beach of Schinousa it is about half a kilometer south of the capital and can only be approached by foot. It has a large, golden sandy beach, clear waters and many trees that grow the length of the beachfront which offer their shade to the swimmers. It is well protected from the north winds due to its position. It is far away from the road and is ideal for families with children. Here you will find a restaurant and café. The view from Tsikouri facing Venetiko, Fidousa, Herakleia, and the peninsula of Ai Vasisli is fantastic!