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The best Schinoussa accommodation added here soon. Here you will find seaside hotels and apartments and accommodation with magnificent sea view in Schinoussa island. Accommodation special offers.

Food and Drink

Traditional dishes of Schinousa are "Ampelofasoula", Fava, "Kopanisti", "xiromizithra", "ladotyri" and "Myzithropitakia" the preparation of mutton with rice or potatoes in the oven offers a superb dish. Try the Schinousian "pitaridia" which are a form of pasta made by hand from wheat flour boiled in goat's milk.

Accompany your meal with the local Schinousian wines and the incredible "rakomelo" which is "Raki" boiled with honey.

For dessert you can try "xerotigania", "diples", pasteli" and "meletinia".

We have left sea food and fish for last since it is understood that they are fresh.