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Schinoussa is the ideal destination for sea explorations and cruises offering beautiful ports and bays that are protected from the winds.
Set sail from Shinousa, Naxos, Koufonissia on a daytrip, or for a longer period, on a sailing yacht and also on a riboat, motor sailer, yacht, cruiser from any port of Cyclades you wish.
We can plan your trip to Schinoussa of Small Cyclades on a yacht on your own or crewed.
You can organise your trip by contacting our Yachting department on by filling out the following form.

More information about - Yachting in Small Cyclades: Schinoussa (Schinousa), Koufonisia (Koufonissia), Iraklia (Herakleia), Donoussa (Donousa), Keros:
Small Eastern Cyclades

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